Thanks 2012! Thanks for all the good jobs through the year, all nice projects, works and achievements in life. Sure, long list thank you to my families and friends, university, organizations, Hasselt, Leuven and the cities  and the WORLD. Thanks that you all keep surprising me.  J


Writing this…. I’m not talking about 2013, I’m talking about NOW, about myself, about Gama, about what I AM DOING.



Everyday, we are sharing ENERGY with people. Our positivity colors the world and it shapes LIFE beautifully different. Just SMILE to the people, just say HELLO, just go to Colruyt and  say, “I HELP YOU to take it, Grandma,” just go to station and open the door to the fellow travelers, just say ‘Thanks!’ to the toilet madam and she’s thinking about you till the end of this winter, and just say “Goeiedag iedereen!” when we walk out of the bus, and they will wave their hands first.  



Do I love my life? YES I do, creatively! And I’m showing it. I do something to express my LOVE to the life.  


When the cars stop to let me across the street, I give them a THUMB up, THANK you! When I see people are eating then I say, “Smakkelijk!” When I go sport everyday and in the gym, I always say, “BESTE WENSEN” to people behind the receptionist desk, they smile.


I know you are THERE. The fact that we’re sharing the same world, the same oxygen. We want or not, nature is very social. We’re sharing things.  And we’re not blind, we’re not dive, we’re a HUMAN being.



“Now you have a mother in Charleroi,” she said to me when she got out of the train in Landen. Last month, I visited her  and her family. And… I got surprised! The African family served me like their own son, we ate together and watched TV. When I was going to back, my Charleroi mother gives me 10 euro. “I have money!”

“Yes I know, but I’m your mother and you deserve it!” she said.

I kept laughing and smiling on the way to home and think that I have to expand my FAMILY concept.


BE A REASON of Happiness

Do we ask others to make us happy? I don’t J I make it myself. I love cooking good food, I love doing sport, reading good books, listening good music, dressing properly and spraying nice fragrance, inviting friends to my studio. But… Are they all FOR me? NO! I’m NOT masturbating!!! They are for YOU, for the WORLD. I’m SHARING them! I want to make the world happy. ENJOY ME and my creativity, like they said:

 “Amai je reukt LEKKER!

Wow, you have a nice shoes!

Och… de kleur, het is ook mijn favoriet.

Je bent de vriendelijkste mens hier.

Ik zie jouw hemd graag.

Amai, jouw kamer is zo netjes, ik heb het op TV gezien J

Als ik je ziet, dan word ik ook vrolijk J

Toen wij gisteren avond gingen slapen, ik vroeg aan haar, “Is Gama nu nog steeds vrolijk?”


I don’t expect something else to make me happy, but this universe is so fair that we get paid CASH to what we do. I earn self confidence, a comfort to show my spontaneity (+their spontaneity) and a feeling that I am SPECIAL. They are all the LUXURIES.


Gama and TALENTS around

My big responsibility NOW is to connect talents, families, friends and you all, to create products that we can share together. At the moment, we have some great ideas,  you’ll know! J






The 1st of January 2013

In the crowd of LOVELY people

Dusseldorf, the city of fireworks.   

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Nice picture at Dusseldorf!

Posted by: Joke | 01/06/2013

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Ha Hallo,

Nog een heel gelukkig nieuwjaar gewenst. oma

Posted by: oma | 01/06/2013

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