Geluk, een zoektocht

Ja ja ja…. YOU ARE SO LUCKY!


That is a comment that I hear so often they say to me. But am I lucky? Are you lucky? Are we lucky???

What is luck actually? Is it like winning a lottery? Or is it like Christmas, new year, or birthday party when everyone looks happy or not? Hmmm….


When I was child, at the time when I started to remember, I remembered if I didn’t eat my food then my mother will say, “Hallo, if you eat them, the rice will cry!” En then when I was in junior high school, my parents told me, you have to eat, don’t you know that we are so lucky, we can eat good food. If you see on TV, people in Ethiopia suffer from hunger, we are so lucky, son!


Hmmm… Should I compare what I can eat with people in Ethopia that we watched on TV? Wait, there is another story that I had to tell! One day, I visited a friend, he was my neighbor actually and by coincidence the family was going to eat. The mother and father asked me to eat together. I said, OK! Because sometime my friend also at with my family. My friend, Bobby is his name has 5 siblings. Bob is number 2. So we are with 7 and 8 with in the dining table.     


Something special happened when the mother brought an omelet en rice to the table. It was a small omelet maybe from two eggs for 8 person. The youngest child, asked to the mother, “Mama, is that ommelet?”

“That’s omelet!”

“From si Upik, she gives us 2 eggs!”

“Then the small again yelled! Yeaahh….. Omelet!!! Yummy!!!!”


Honestly, I wanted to laughed. In my life, I never saw that happy face just because of a small omelet shared for 8 persons. They were so lucky with that small omelet. Something that in my home served for 2 person. Something that I thought as nothing, that was just omelet. I ate better food than them, more food but unluckily, I felt not lucky.


At this point I realize that comparing doesn’t work to make me lucky. There are many people who has less than me, but they are more happy. How come? Omelet is yummy, that is a point. The eggs were from their own chicken. And the last that in my opinion very important is that they accept what they have, what they could eat. That is what I didn’t do. I never thought how hard to bring the food to my table. My parents had to work hard to earn it, and cooked it for me. 


And actually this story is only one of things that I experienced in life. I ever thought and felt that I never felt so poor just like what I experienced here in Belgium. In my country where I earned more money I eat every day in the restaurant, I have catering as well, every week was shopping time, new clothes, new books, and treat friends and family. But here in Belgium, I think twice or three time to buy clothes, I had to start again to go to the top job which is promising for me.


I challenge myself, can I be lucky? Yes! How? Be grateful. Say thank to God if you believe, or at least to people around me. To my family, to my friends, to toastmaster, to my students, to my customers in Carrefour and Delhaize, to my new boss, to my new jobs, to KU Leuven that has sent me the submission letter, to the government that give me scholarship, I just paid 80 euros per year in stead of 600 euros, plus a grand 2.400 euros for a year and very cheap appartement, I say thanks to my new blog where I can practice my nederlands and frans. Wow!!! See, there are many good people and good things around me that is more worthy than claiming about what I don’t have yet.


So, never compare what you have. Being lucky is not about comparing but it is about accepting. So stop being exhausted or pushy, we don’t need to win anything to be lucky. Just be grateful. Easy way to be grateful, make a list about what we have, concrete and also non-concrete. And we feel WOW!!! And in the level that we realize that we are lucky, we have support and potentials around us, trust me, it gonna be the fertile area to our creativity, that we gonna discuss next time. 

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Vanavond heb ik een speech gedaan met deze ontwerp en dat ging goed, daar ben ik gelukkig mee. ;-)

Posted by: hallo | 04/04/2012

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Fijn dat je eens langs kwam op mijn blog.
Hier is het wel interessant omdat je het als buitenlander België beschrijft.
Groeten en doe zo verder!

Posted by: emmy | 04/04/2012

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Hé Hallo,
Mijn Engels is niet goed genoeg, maar jij spreekt/schrijft gelukkig onze taal ! Bedankt voor Oma's wensen !
Héél veel geluk voor jou !

Posted by: Lies | 04/04/2012

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Graag gedaan, straks ga ik well in het nederlands vertalen! Nog een keer, Selamat Ulang Tahun (Gelukkige Verjaardag!)


Posted by: hallo | 04/04/2012

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Goed bezig Hallo, je zit op de juiste weg! Iedereen is blij met iets anders, zo zit de mens in mekaar. Vergelijken met anderen heeft geen zin!

Posted by: LJ | 04/11/2012

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